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Why Choose Us?

Finding inspiration for yourself or someone special is always heart-warming and easy at Inspired Spirit.

Whatever the occasion, or no occasion at all, Inspired Spirit will inspire you with a diverse selection of jewellery, figurines, motivational and decorative plaques, wall hangings, stones, affirmation cards and so much more. All created to add beauty. All designed to INSPIRE. All to treasure for yourself or to lovingly share with someone special.

Written words … symbols … Inspired Spirit captures their power and essence in a line of beautiful gift ware. Many of these products have been created by talented Canadian Artisans. But beauty and inspiration are found everywhere. You will find products from around the world.

Please, take your time and browse through all the beautiful and mind-inspiring gifts. You are sure to find a treasure that will lift spirits, encourage, reflect love. INSPIRE.

If you have any questions or comments we would truly love to hear from you. Have an idea or item you think would be a perfect fit for Inspired Spirit. We want to know about it! We are just a small store now, so please, keep checking in and watch us grow!



Come visit Inspired Spirit at its new location in Dwight, Ontario, Canada!  For all you on-line shoppers, we still offer shipping in Canada, the United States, and other destinations around the world. Hope to see you soon!

Inspired Spirit

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